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Simon the Sorcerer

Simon the Sorcerer
Short description

Everything started when Simon got to his 12th birthday (or was it his 13th one?) a dog. He came to his parents with a strange book in his mouth which nobody could read. The parents didn't tell Simon about that und said to him that they would have bought the dog. Simon who rather wanted a gameboy had to be satisfied with the dog then.

One day the dog was on the attic and is playing with a chest. Of course Simon is looking for him. When he found him with the book in the mouth again. Simon could read it: 'Ye old spellbook". Simon believed that those magic things are just nonsens and throwed the book away. Suddenly, a page is of it is opening and it opens a dimension gate.

He and his dog walked through and arrived randomly at the place of some goblins who believe that Simon is food. By that Simon loosed his spellbook that he had picked up before walking through. A goblin took it without notice of others while the others are screaming 'Lunch time'. They put him into a cauldron and wanted to cook him. His clever dog was walking noiseless to one of the goblins and bited him so that they could run away. His dog leaded him to a cottage and and started to sleep. But Simon read a letter which was addressed to him.

It said that he was chosen by a lucky (or rather sad) random to save Calypso and the world from Sordid. Simon had no choice, because else he can not come at home. So he was going on his way...

Now simon has to solve a lot of mysteries. F. e. :

  • Getting wood for the woodworm.
  • Bringing the woodcutter an axe out of milrith.
  • Looking for money
  • ... and loads of more things.

    Simon goes from town into the forest. There he goes to a tower and enters it and does something to make himself smaller to come in there. When Simon becomes bigger again he heads for the Fiery Pits of Rhondor and meets Sordid.

    Sordid is the sorcerer he has to kill. Simon manages it to beat Sordid by using an evil trick.

    Done! For ever! Oh no! To be continued. That's what the moderator says at the end of the game.

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